What does it take to protect orphans and widows from injustice?

Today is day nine of ‪#‎AskBetterQuestions‬. On Thursday, Sara and I will be at CAFO2015. As we prepare for this gathering, we want to engage families, churches, leaders and influencers who are passionate about adoption and orphan care to stop and ask better questions. We would love for you to join in the conversation!


Yesterday I received a text message from a friend in Rwanda. Angelique, one of my clients when I worked at International Justice Mission, was in the hospital with severe stomach pains. Angelique was 16 when she was raped by her boss and became pregnant. An orphan herself, she had no one to care for her or her child. A stranger picked her up on the street and took her.

When her case came to IJM, a local lawyer advocated for her. As a result, her perpetrator is in jail. A social worker found her vocational training so she could learn to sew. Angelique has committed herself to caring for her son and working hard.

But life is not easy for a woman with no family and her small child. When she became ill, her social worker stepped in to find her treatment. If she is not well cared for, there is no one to care for her son.

If we want to end the orphan crisis, we have to address the injustice that causes children to be orphaned, abandoned or separated from their families.

Whether it’s sexual assault, gender violence, land grabbing, or trafficking, injustice affects the most vulnerable.

How does God look at injustice in the world? What does it mean to seek justice? How does injustice relate to the orphan crisis?

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Amanda Bennett


AMANDA BENNETT is a lawyer wife, mother, and advocate for vulnerable families and children. She serves on the board of directors for Reeds of Hope, a non-profit serving vulnerable families and children in DRC. Amanda lives in Kigali, Rwanda with her husband, Bill, and son.

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