Leaving everything behind

Mark and I are going to Uganda in about a week.

No, we are  not planning on bringing a little girl home on this trip. But yes, we are hoping that this trip will bring us one step closer to bringing our daughter home.

About a week ago, Mark and I began to feel like God was telling us to go to Uganda. At first, this felt basically crazy. But somehow it made sense. We prayed. We talked to our close friends. We emailed our lawyer in Uganda. We called family to let them know we might be leaving the country soon. And then we prayed some more.

Mark and I agreed: God was telling us to just go. To go on faith. To go without really knowing what to expect. To go trusting that he would provide. To go trusting that he would open doors.

In less than a week of planning this trip to Africa, God has already provided. He’s given us friends and family willing to care for our boys while we are gone. He’s given us favor at the immigration office to get fingerprints done quickly. He’s given us grace in making last minute travel clinic appointments. He has provided financially.

He has opened up doors for us to meet with our lawyers. To visit baby homes. To bring needed supplies to missionaries. To talk with clinics caring for children struggling with HIV and AIDS.

Some doors have closed. There are other doors we are hoping will open soon.

I am beyond excited. After praying about adopting a daughter from Africa for two years, God has given me a deep love for His children there. I don’t know how else to explain the crazy, consuming passion I have for these little people I have never met. These little ones belong to God. He calls himself a Father of the Fatherless. He loves them with a crazy love. He would do anything and he did everything.

And he is calling Mark and I go love these little ones with a little of his love.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.” Luke 19:10

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Do you see God’s heart in this? Jesus left everything.Why? To seek, pursue, search for, aquire or gain people who were not seeking for him. Jesus died. Why?  To save the lost.

I thought I understood this verse, but I didn’t. There are parables about searching for lost coins or lost sheep. I think I pictured God’s love for me like that. Looking for lost money or a missing pet.

But what is amazing to me now is that God’s seeking is so much more intense. He is a Father seeking and saving his lost child from danger. As God has filled my heart with love for a child who I have never seen or held, he has given me a deeper knowledge of his love for me. When God sought me as a rebellious teenager, he loved me infinitely more than I love this little girl. God has given me a love for this child that is sufficient for me to leave everything here. She is worth it. In the same way, God considered his people worth leaving everything behind for.

It is an honor to be given an opportunity to follow Jesus in seeking and saving the lost. We are leaving everything here and flying to Uganda to seek the child God would have us adopt. We’re leaving everything to just let her know that she is loved. That she has hope. That she will have a family. That she will not be lost.

Please join our family in praying as we prepare for our trip.

Sara Brinton


SARA BRINTON is a writer and entrepreneur with a passion for reforming international adoption and orphan care. She leads marketing for Noonday Collection, a business that uses fashion to create opportunity in developing countries. Sara and her husband, Mark, live in Austin, Texas with their four children, including daughter Gabrielle who was adopted from Uganda.

  • MeganB

    January 17, 2011 at 12:21 pm Reply

    We are praying.

  • Angie Hinkle

    January 17, 2011 at 10:28 pm Reply

    I have 5-8 copies of the Jesus Storybook Bible at my house and may be able to pick up some tylenol and underwear as well. Can I bring them over on Thursday or Friday sometime? Call me- 425-999-2229.

  • Jenni Ramsey

    January 22, 2011 at 7:21 am Reply

    Sara, so excited to read about this incredible trip. Can’t wait to hear all that God does. I have that same burning in my heart. Still broken hearted over the closed doors in El Salvador, but excited to lead a team back there in July. So ready to bring our daughter home from Korea, but they recently announced new delays and fee increases. Praise God, nothing is impossible for Him! Praying for your trip!!!

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