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About Sara

Sara Brinton is a writer and a social entrepreneur with a passion for reforming international adoption and orphan care. Sara and her husband Mark are the parents of four children, including Gabrielle who was adopted from Uganda in 2011.

Sara’s passion for adoption and orphan care is rooted in her experience. When Sara and her husband Mark began the adoption journey, they believed three things: there was a global orphan crisis, God cared passionately about orphans, and he was calling their family to do something about it.

Like thousands of Christians, the family responded by adopting a child from Africa. But this adoption journey opened their eyes to the truth: without understanding the poverty and injustice at the root of the crisis, Christians are unintentionally hurting the orphans and vulnerable families across the developing world.

Sara’s experience adopting in Uganda compelled her to ask questions, studying research and interviewing experts in global adoption and orphan care, and to listen the stories of adoptive families. Through this process, Sara met Amanda and invited her to contribute to writing a book that would empower Christians to reform international adoption and orphan care.

A Seattle native, Sara studied International Relations at Seattle Pacific University. Sara began her career in marketing at World Concern, a global relief and development agency. Sara has had experience traveling, learning and working in more than thirty countries around the world. In 2012, Sara and her family moved from Seattle to London, where she headed digital marketing for People Tree, a global leader in Fair Trade fashion. Sara currently resides in Austin, Texas, where she is the Leader of Marketing for Noonday Collection, a social enterprise that uses fashion to create opportunity.

Sara believes that entrepreneurship can be a sustainable solution to poverty and injustice. As a writer, adoptive mom and social entrepreneur, Sara is passionate about empowering Christians to make a lasting difference in the world.

About Amanda

Amanda Bennett is a lawyer, wife, mother, and advocate for vulnerable families and children. She grew up in Illinois, attended college and law school in Chicago, and lives in Kigali, Rwanda with her husband, Bill and son, Freddy. They are anxiously awaiting the birth of Freddy’s sibling in March 2015.

Amanda worked as a civil and commercial litigation attorney in Chicago for four years before moving to Rwanda to volunteer as a legal fellow with International Justice Mission (IJM), a Christian human rights organization that works to protect the poor from violence. After completing her fellowship with IJM, Amanda joined up with Sara to complete In Defense of the Fatherless.

Amanda and her husband attempted an international adoption from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2010-2012 after years of infertility. During that process, they learned that international adoption, while beautiful and redemptive, can also be messy. In 2012, they travelled to Kinshasa and met the birth family of the children they sought to adopt. Upon arrival they discovered that staying with their original family was in the best interests of the children as they were not in need of a new adoptive family.

After that experience, Amanda felt compelled to help other adoptive families navigate complicated adoptions and to encourage reunification of children referred for international adoption with their birth families whenever possible. This book is part of that effort.

Amanda blogs about adoption, orphan care and her adventures in Rwanda at After All It’s a Small World.